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Description: The Revelation Resources WWW-site are compiled in order to further scholarly research in the Book of Revelation, and to help serious students to start on a project concerning Revelation. A number of topics have been selected and on these pages various resources are listed together with my evaluating remarks Olymp trade review. Of course, it is not possible to list or even discover every possible values of each book or article. The remarks are written from my point of view, but the criterion is not whether or not I agree with the arguments, but whether the works are scholarly. This page is the Table of Contents-page listing the individual pages with the topic of each. More pages will be added. This page also contains references to the Revelation mailing list and to the e-journal Revelation reviews

This page has the following main sections:

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    Annotated references



    Introductory issues

    Hermeneutical issues

    Revelation and canon

    The theology of Revelation

    Revelation and historical issues

    The historical influence of Revelation and

    Commentaries and handbooks


    Revelation mailing list

    Dissertation Abstracts (May 19th, 2002)

    Revelation reviews

    Other scholarly web sites concerning Revelation (discontinued)

    This section has been discontinued as of July 29th, 2000. There is an excellent tool, NT Gateway, run by Dr. Marc Goodacre, which includes a very helpful page on Revelation. However, Revelation Resources will continue to feature links to other web sites on the relevant topic pages.

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    Needless to say, this site is always under construction!

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