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Description: This page tries to keep track of changes and additions on the Revelation Resources WWW. If you want to get an e-mail when this page is updated, go to the update notification service section below (note: the update notification service is temporarily [?] unavailable). I do not promise to remember everything. The date (but not time any longer) of the most recent revisions are stamped on the TOC-page. Don't hesitate to e-mail me, if you have any comments or suggestions. (May 26th, 2002)

May 26th, 2002 [currently]

Revelation Resources is currently being moved to

May 19th, 2002

Added a reference to an article on the millennium by associate professor Martin Synnes
Added a dissertation abstract by Georg S. Adamsen
Added a page on the eschatology of Revelation (a page which is currently being developed)
Revelation Resources will move to a new and permanent domain within a few weeks!

Feb 20th, 2002

Added a dissertation abstract by Philip McCormack

Nov 17th, 2001

Added a reference to S. Bøe's published dissertation on the Rev and OT page

Nov 14th, 2001

Tilføjet henvisning til en nyligt web-publiceret artikel om "Fortælleteknikker i Johannes' Åbenbaring" i PDF-format på siden Skandinaviske værker.

Nov 3rd, 2001

Revelation Resources moved to Nov 3rd, 2001
Revelation mailing list ( was transferred to towards the end of August
The mailing list application form, which was broken because decided to discontinue projects like Revelation Resources, has been fixed (hopefully) and must be used.

July 29th, 2000

Added a prefatory note on John's symbolism.
Various changes at the index page, the Revelation and the millennium page, and the What's new on Revelation page.
Added a page on the structure of Revelation.
Added references to a number of on-line reviews in Review of Biblical Literature
Added a page on narrative-critical analysis of Revelation.
Added the abstract of Leo Percer's Ph.D.-thesis.
Created new page: Revelation and rhetorical studies.
Added a reference to an article on the Scandinavian page

July 19th, 2000

Added new dissertation abstract: Dwight D. Sheets: The Sitz Im Leben of the Apocalypse: Realized Eschatology and Apocalyptic Expression

July 6th, 2000

Added reference to Craig S. Keener's new NIV Application Series commentary on Revelation.
Added new dissertation abstract: H. Stenström
Added a not yet finished reference to a recent article by S. Moyise on the Revelation and its language
Technical changes on every page, which are reflected in the update date.

October 9th, 1999

Added precise reference to an article and modified some comments on Skadinaviske værker page

August 5th, 1999

Added a new page on Revelation and the NT Added reference to S. Bøe's dissertation on the Revelation and the OT page
Added reference to S. Moyise's forthcoming article on which OT text John used: Hebrew and/or Greek on the Revelation and the OT page
Killed Revelation and traditio-historical investigations. See Revelation and the OT page instead

August 5th, 1999

Note that the history of interpretation page was updated and that a new section "Other useful link pages" was added to the index page August 4th, 1999
Added content to the Revelation and the Roman Emperors page
Corrected the Revelation and art page
Changed the Revelation mailing list homepage
Changed a lot of details behind the scenes

August 4rt, 1999

Added a reference on Revelation and art
Added a number of references to scholarly websites on the index page
Added references on the commentaries page
Added reference to the late Danish scholar E. Thestrup Pedersen's posthumously published commentary on Revelation Resources - Skandinaviske værker
Added reference to the history of interpretation page

August 2nd, 1999

Modified the index page and changed a number of minor details
Added new information to Rev and art pages

31 Dec 1998

Modified the Revelation mailing list homepage.

28 Dec 1998

Added several commentaries to the commentary page: including Giesen 1997, Aune 1998, and Beale 1999.
Modified the News on Revelation page.
Added entries on the Scandinavian literature page, including the HTML-formatted article on The Book of Revelation by G. S. Adamsen to Lohses Store Bibelleksikon, the Danish translation and adaptation of New Bible Dictionary.
Added new page on Revelation and symbolism
Added references to almost all pages

26 Apr 1998

Added a dissertation abstract (Johns: The Origins and Rhetorical Force of the Lamb Christology of the Apocalypse of John)

20 Apr 1998

Modified comment on Ole Andersen: Når Guds rige kommer
Modified and added several annotations (especially on Aune and Mounce) on the commentaries page
Added link to html-version of reviews: (Adamsen on Garrow, and Adamsen on Muse) on the reviewed page.

13 Jan 1998

Added a dissertation abstract (Greg Carey on Attention-Seeking Behavior)

11 Jan 1998

Added dissertation abstracts page.
Modified comment on Ole Andersen: Når Guds rige kommer and added a link to published review on Synnes: Sju profetiske budskap on the Danish page on Scandinavian literature.
Modified the Revelation Reviews page.

4 Jan 1998

Modified a note on Garrow's book.

2 Jan 1998

Corrected a mistake on the genre page
Added reference and comments to Garrow, Revelation on the Introduction page
Modified description of Bietenhard's and Mealy's books on the millennium page
Modified comments to Mazzaferri on the genre page
Added reference to Mounce's revised 1997-edition of his 1977-commentary, and to Michaels 1997-commentary.
Updated the What's new on Revelation page

9 Nov 1997

Added more detailed evaluation of Wainwright's Mysterious Apocalypse and a reference to it on the Revelation and art page
Added references concerning Aune's Commentary on Revelation 1-5 on a number of pages including the commentaries page
Added initial reference to Ulland: Die Vision als Radikalisiering der Wirklichkeit and AJP Garrow: Revelation. London: Routledge, 1997 on the What's new on Revelation page as well as some other modifications concerning new and forthcoming commentaries.

7 Oct 1997

Added references on the The language of Revelation page
Created page for the topic: Revelation and art
Added reference on the Introduction to Revelation-page
Added reference to the web site run by professor David Barr, Wright State University

21 Sep 1997

Added a reference on the Rev and OT page.
Added link to the search feature of SunSITE through a separate search page
Added information about the new commentary on Rev 1-5 by D.E. Aune on the What's new on Revelation page
Because of a heavy work load as well as illness in my family I have not been able to make progress with the web site the last few months. I hope to be able to return to this work shortly. Enjoy.
Stefan Soendergaard has build a new automatic archive site on

19 May 1997

Added annotations and review-references on the pages concerning imperial cult, Asia Minor (Anatolia)
Added discussions from 16 Mar through 19 May to the Revelation mailing list archive page

29 Mar 1997

Added reference to John W. Marshall's database of images concerning Revelation at the index page.
Added references on the persecution page.
Created a page concerning textual criticism.
Added Revelation Reviews's guidelines for contributors
Modified the What's new on Revelation
Published the first review: Adamsen on Kraybill
Modified the commentaries page
Extended the page concerning Domitian to include other Roman emperors

16 Mar 1997

Modified the Revelation Reviews page once more.
Restructured the TOC-page
Added some Q&A;'s at the FAQ about this web site and the Revelation FAQ
Modified the page concerning the Revelation maling list as well. Forgot to list the changes and the uploading concerning Revelation mailing list and its archives 15 Mar 1997.

15 Mar 1997

Started reworking the pages about Revelation Reviews (formerly Revelation mailing list reviews).
Uploaded discussions from the Revelation mailing list to the archive.

10 Mar 1997

Added and modified the page concerning Scandinavian literature on Revelation, Revelation and the OT, Revelation and its history of interpretation, and the commentaries page. More modifications will be added shortly, but because of some urgent matters concerning work and family I haven't been able to update more pages. Please, be patient. More additions should be available with 2-3 weeks, I hope.

9 Feb 1997

Added reference to a forthcoming book by Jacques Chevalier on the What's new on Revelation page

2 Feb 1997

Added a To-Do page
Added pages for the Revelation mailing list reviews and a new What's new on Revelation page.
Added URL-minder function (still testing which means that the days or perhaps the next one or two weeks may generate more messages than usual).
Modified the list info page
Added references to the imperial cult page, the ecclesiology page, the commentaries page, to the introduction page, a lot of references to the Scandinavian page in Danish, the Rev and OT page, and the page on theology and christology.

25 Jan 1997

Archive page for Revelation mailing list created (21 Jan 1997). It is still empty, however.
Added to the imperial cult page.
Decided to follow another convention concerning the new icon (). The new entry and modifications will only be date (i.e. not time) stamped the date when actually uploaded to Revelation Resources, and the date will be stamped here. That way, it is easier to find new entries, because no other dates than those shown here are present. That is: you have visited this page, e.g., 21 Jan 1997. Now, suppose you return the 13 Feb 1997 and you find entries here from 27 Jan and 7 Feb 1997. You can see which pages are modified as usual here. Now, load these pages and use your browsers "Find"-button to search for 27 Jan 1997 and 7 Feb 1997 respectively, and you have found each and every change and modification to the page. At the same time, I have decided not to use the new icon here. Only on the TOC-page will it be used, and it will disappear within 4 weeks. This should make it easy for new comers to the index-page to find new topics on Revelation Resources. Any pages created before 21 Jan 1997 miss this icon.
I am currently adding a URL-minder to the system, but I have to do some testing before release.

20 Jan 1997

Added references to Revelation and the problem of genre, Revelation and the OT, modified description of Trebilco on the Asia Minor page, added to the page about the imperial cult.

20 Jan 1997

Added references to some commentaries and introductions.

17 Jan 1997

Moved Revelation Resources to SunSITE located at the Campus of the University of Aalborg in Denmark Modified the pages concerning Revelation mailing list initiated 17 Jan 1997 which was operated by SunSite at the campus of the University of Aalborg, but now by Yahoogroups. I am very happy that SunSITE has accepted to host the Revelation Resources website and the Revelation mailing list. Remember to modify your bookmark(s).

12 Jan 1997

Added references to Revelation and OT.
Added references to Commentaries.
Added a Danish page for both scholars and non-scholars with Scandinavian language literature only. This page is actually in both Danish and English, don't ask me why!
Added a reference on The Genre of Revelation page

11 Jan 1997

The mailing list is now running which caused some changes in the pages concerning the Revelation mailing list.
Added guestbook links to all pages.

7 Jan 1997

Added guestbook form to allow visitors to leave an entry in my guestbook.

6 Jan 1997

Added form to apply for subscription to the pre-release Revelation mailing list.

31 Dec 1996 and 1 Jan 1997

Added some navigational "buttons" and cleaned up the appearance of the web-pages. No references have been added.

30 Dec 1996

A number of changes have been implemented. Changes and additions are time stamped. The pages have been prepared for registering at various search Engines. Descriptions of the purpose of the pages have been added on a lot of the pages. Until "official" release, use of the "new"-icons will be suspended. After that I'll use them, especially because I have registered Xpire Plus 3.0b, an excellent program which can remove such images automatically. I still consider adding a New-section at the top of the pages with a copy of the new entries.

22 Dec 1996

Some more resources added. Please, note, that the date of the most recent revision is printed at the main page (/index.html), and that changes on the other pages are indicated in the parentheses right after the link. On the individual resource pages, all entries are added in alphabetical order, regardless whether they are additions or changes. To keep track of these changes/additions, I repeat the new entries at the top of each page in chronological order. These entries are date and time stamped, and will be removed after about 6 - 8 weeks. So if you return within every 4 -6, chances are that you will not loose anything. I don't know, yet, how often the pages will be updated, but I guess that -- after a while -- I will settle for a period of about 3-4 weeks, perhaps more often if I have something exciting new peaces to display.

21 Dec 1996

First uploaded test pages with only a few resource information added. Overall design ready.

Oct - Nov 1996

Made the first attempts to design the structure of the pages and of the site.
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