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Description: This page refers to various studies which, while analysing various aspects of Revelation, employ ancient or modern rhetorical theory. (July 29th, 2000)

Carey, Greg: Elusive Apocalypse: Reading Authority in the Revelation to John. (Studies in Biblical Hermeneutics, 15). Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, 1999.

Employing not only the rhetorical notion of authorial ethos, but postcolonial and resistance criticism, this book, a (probably revised) edition of Carey's 1996 Ph.D.-thesis, deals with how Revelation constructs authority and concludes that John's authorial ethos is unstable, and that the same modern unstability only can be escaped by finding a way to submit our visions to public dialogue. (A more detailed evaluation of this book will be added later). (July 29th, 2000)

See further Carey's abstract.

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