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Description: This page gives references to scholarly treatments of the relationship between the New Testament and Revelation. It is relevant to discuss the methodological issues involved, but this is an area which deserves further study. It is disputed whether John makes use of the other NT writings. There is, however, substantial evidence in favour of the position that John did now a number of the NT books, e.g., Matthew (cf. Rev 1:7 and Mt 24:30). A special topic is the relationship between Revelation and the so-called Synoptic Apocalypse (Mk 13 and paralles). (August 5th, 1999)

Methodological considerations

Revelation and the NT

Vos, L. A. The Synoptic Traditions in the Apocalypse. Kampen: J. H. Kok N. V., 1965.

This is the standard work on this issue. (August 5th, 1999)

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