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The purpose of the Revelation mailing list is to offer a forum for scholarly discussions and information exchange concerning the Book of Revelation for qualified scholars and serious student (see below).

Discussion and information

The participants are assumed to have a minimum professional knowledge about Revelation and associated scholarship and to maintain a high tone of discussion on the list. Neither preaching, nor flaming etc. will be accepted. If you want to discuss, e.g., the role of the pope with regard to Revelation, please, be academic and very professional. I do not deny that I am a Lutheran myself, but I am also strongly in favour of serious academic discussion, but not of flames and other types of verbal warfare.

The list is also created in order that we may share our knowledge with each other. If you have written or published some serious work about Revelation, don't hesitate to let us know. I will do my best to update the Revelation sources web site with the information, too.

Reviews of books and major articles

Revelation Reviews publish scholarly reviews on works on Revelation. All scholarly reviews will be archived and referenced on Revelation Resources.

Scholars and serious students

Revelation mailing list is very concerned that the discussion is academic and qualified. Scholars with an appropriate professional background (e.g., the various theological disciplines, ancient history, literary criticism) as well as students on at least an advanced undergraduate level with a serious interest in Revelation will be accepted. All postings are available at the archive. Others may find various UseNews groups more useful.

The Revelation mailing list and Yahoogroups

The Revelation mailing list was hosted by SunSite at the campus of the University of Aalborg 1997-2001. After a short period where it was hosted by the website of The Lutheran School of Theology in Aarhus, Revelation Resources moved to its own site May 26th, 2002.

The current status of Revelation mailing list

The list now have about 130 list members (May 2002) including several who currently works on dissertations, commentaries or other books as well as articles on Revelation. Most of the list members have published on Revelation. I do not publish the name of the list members here, but some might have introduced themselves to the list and so there messages may be found on the archive page.

Some words about the listowner

I am a Danish Lutheran assistant professor, who has recently submitted my doctoral dissertation "Parousia and Paraenesis in the Book of Revelation", written under the auspices of professor, dr.theol. Karl Olav Sandnes at the Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology in Oslo, Norway. I have studied Revelation (with some periods doing other things) since 1986. See my personal website for a list of my publications on Revelation.

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