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Description: This page provides references to the topic Revelation and ecclesiology. Included will be scholarly research on the use of ecclesiological terms and concepts. As I have seen some not especially scholarly treatments of the relationship between the content of Revelation and contemporary churches or theological views, I reserve the right to modify this description in order to exlude any such discussions. This does not, of course, apply to strictly scholarly research on the history of such phenomena (21 Jan 1997)

See also
Satake, A.: Die Gemeindeordnung in der Johannesapokalypse. (WMANT 21). Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener, 1966.
This 224 page dissertation analyses the possible references to the question of order in the churches in Revelation, grouped by the various ecclesiological terms (pp. 19-161) and then describes some parallel phenomena in the Palestinian Urchristentum. An appendix featuring a comparison between Revelation and Daniel 7-12 is added (pp. 196-219). The only get-up is a bibliography. Satake's work is rightly regarded as a classic. The detailed analysis of the various ecclesiological terms are worth carefull study. Whether or not Satake is to be followed in his thesis, I do not know (yet), but one problem seems to me to be of importance: Does Revelation in fact mirror the order of the church(es) to which Revelation was sent? Nevertheless, Satake's study should be consulted when dealing with the ecclesiology and ecclesiological terms. (2 Feb 1997)

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