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Description: This page contains references to works dealing with the influence of Revelation on art. Included are also links to artists whose paintings etc may be useful for illustration (August 5th, 1999)

On-line resources

Nancy Macgregor's Revelation Exhibition

This Revelation Exhibition is crafted by Ms. Macgregor, a Lutheran artist and Serigraph Printmaker. For further details, visit her hompage. ()

Revelation illustrated

Revelation artwork for sale (August 4th, 1999)

Printed resources

Grubb, Nancy: Art of the Apocalypse. Abbeville Press, 1997. ISBN: 0789203987. 144 pages.

Not seen and perhaps not published yet, but the synopsis found at Books says: "This concise but illuminating introduction to the sources, symbolism, and meanings of biblical Book of Revelation brings together visionary images by some of the greatest artists of Western culture, including Fra Angelico, William Blake, Hieroymous Bosch, Michangelo, Raphael, Peter Paul Rubens, Luca Signorelli and J.M.W. Turner. 250 illustrations, 247 in color." (7 Oct 1997)

Schiller, G. Ikonographie der christlichen Kunst. Vol. 5: 1-2, Die Apokalypse des Johannes. Gütersloh: Chr. Kaiser Gütersloher Verlagshaus, 1990-1991.

Meer, Frederick van der: Apocalypse: Visioenen uit het Boek der Openbaring in de kunst. Antwerpen: Verlag Mercatorfonds n.v., 1978.
-:Apocalypse: Visions from the Book of Revelation in Western Art. Eastview Editions, 1978 (although Books says 1980). ISBN 0933516037.
-: Apokalypse: Die Visionen des Johannes in der europäischen Kunst. Freiburg; Basel; Wien: Herder, 1978.

This work has more than 350 pages and a lot of illustrations (both color, and black and white). The quality of the illustrations is good. van der Meer's book is a unique work and is highly recommended. It was originalle written in Dutch and simultaneously published in English, French and German as well. It is available through Books at $170, but through Avenue Books in St. Augustine for only $120 (August 2nd, 1999).

Petraglio, R., F. Paschoud, J. Engemann, J. Christie, P. Klein, X. B. i. Altet, C. Heitz, P. Kurmann, and N. Thierry. L'Apocalypse de Jean: Traditions exégètiques et iconographiques IIIe-XIII siècles: Actes du colloque de la Foundation Hardt 29 février -- 3 mars 1967. Etudes Et Doucments Publiés Par La Section D'histoire de La Faculté Des Lettres de L'université de Genève, no. 11. Droz: Geneva, 1979.

Prigent, P. "Révélation biblique et expression artistique." FV 96 (1997) 3-26.

See also: Wainwright, Mysterious Apocalypse, pp. 189ff.

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